1. Keep Clean, Singapore!

On 18 May 2018, 1091 students and staff from the 3 ITE Colleges conducted community litter picking activities in the neighbourhood of the 3 Colleges in support of Keep Clean, Singapore!  Joined by 32 community partners and volunteers, the group picked up close to 200 kg of thrash and collected close to 1800kg of recyclable items.  This year the 3 Colleges also incorporated a recycling drive.  Pamphlets were distributed to the housing estates in the neighbourhood a week before the event to inform them of this collection.


It is the 3rd year that ITE is supporting the ‘Keep Clean, Singapore!’ movement since 2016.

In 2016, all the three ITE Colleges took up the Public Hygiene Council’s Bright Spots Challenge.  Since then, the four academic schools in each college take turn to organize Bright Spots litter picking activities involving at least 200 students each time.  The ITE ESI committee hopes to inculcate good habits amongst the students in improving the cleanliness and hygiene condition of shared spaces.  Bright Spots schedules and activities were regularly reported at the ESI committee.


  1. Keep Clean, Singapore!@ITE CC

In partnership with Cheng San CC and Jalan Kayu CC, 411 students, staff and community partners picked up litters and collected reyclables at the Ang Mo Kio neighbourhood.  A total of 108kg of trash were picked up by the group and 291kg of old newspapers and clothing were collected.



  1. Keep Clean, Singapore!@ITE CE

In partnership with NEA South East Regional Office, South East CDC and Sunbird-Apollo Neighbourhood Committee, 462 students, staff and community partners participated in this large scale community clean up activity in the East.  Approximately 370 kg of combined waste (of which 306 kg of recyclable waste) was collected over an hour of clean up activity in the neighbourhood around ITE College East.



  1. Keep Clean, Singapore!@ITE CW

Together with grassroot leaders from Choa Chu Kang RC Zone 3, 270 students, staff and grassroot leaders were involved in litter picking and collection of newspapers/recyclable items from the Choa Chu Kang neighbourhood.  The group collected 1192kg of newspapers/recyclable items and picked up 20kg of thrash.