30 students from 3 colleges, accompanied by 3 staff embarked on a conservation trip to Green Camp, Bali from the 16- 21 September 2017.

Students and Lecturers of 2017 YEEP Team


The programmes of this trip were designed to provide students, who are passionate about the environment, opportunities to experience sustainable environmental conservation practices and develop qualities to lead in environmental initiatives.

The highlight of the trip was a 4D3N stay at Green Camp, a world renowned green and innovative campus at Green School in Bali. There, students were fully immersed in many eco related activities, experienced first-hand on practical approaches on recycling concept and were challenged to live-out in rustic living environment.

The basic living condition in Bali

Some of the activities that were incorporated to enhance their confidence as potential ‘green leaders’ and to live a sustainable lifestyle included the ‘Eco Island Design’, ‘Compost Making’, ‘Bamboo Tinkering’ and other hands-on and experiential activities throughout the trip.


Apart from the Green Camp, participants were exposed to the rich cultural heritage of Bali  through visits to some famous site like Tanah Lot, Uluwatu Temple, rice terraces as well as the Turtle Conservation and Education Centre. This had also broaden their understanding and appreciation of Bali’s conservation effort, lifestyle and traditions.


Students were having a good time in learning the lifestyle of Bali

Some feedback from the participants include:

“Throughout the 4 days we had no phone as it was a no phone zone in the camp & I must say I can live without a phone! I communicate more with people from different colleges & I didn’t become anti-social. We played card games & jenga together & at night we would talk to one another. It made me appreciate everything more & showed me how technology has ruined a lot of stuff such as communication with one another. This green camp was a great experience overall & I am grateful to be selected for this amazing journey. “ –  Marisza Azria, AHS/CE


“The trip to Bali was an enriching one for me. I came to Bali with a thought that I wouldn’t gain much from it but it turns out I came back to Singapore with more knowledge on the eco system, Balinese culture and a set of new friends.

This trip taught me that everything has a course in nature. For example, cow dunk and food waste can be used as fertilisers. Also, human waste can be a huge help in our eco system. During the camp, we were expected to do our “business” in an eco toilet. What it means is that our waste are collected and used for the plantation. An interesting fact that I learned was that flushing is bad for our eco system as 7 litres of water is used each time we flush thus we were expected to just use the spray instead of the flush as it saves more water.

Thus, this trip to Bali was a fun one as we get to learn more on nature in a more hands on way instead of from textbooks.” –              Sofea Ningsih Sri Aminty Bte Mohamad Johan MBZ/CC


“The Green Camp was definitely the big highlight of the trip however, as we spent most of our time there. Our phones had been taken away and I was quite bummed out by the idea, but I soon realised how much more I and my friends communicated without a phone. In the end, it was a great idea.

I learned a lot of things from Green Camp. The importance of teamwork and communication, the names of various plants, the exciting yet highly inconvenient water activities. The amount of scrubbing I had to do after mud wrestling, but I believe it was worth it in the end.

In conclusion, I have found this trip to be very enjoyable and that it has taught me a lot of vital things about the environment.”- Akash Qaisar SQC/CW


Article by Kristin Koh