“Rinse, Flip, Flap and Flatten” are four simple steps created by Tetra Pak to educate the kids in the recycling of Used Beverage Cartons (UBC).  In case you are not aware, Ribena, Milo and Pokka drinks are some common beverages in Tetra Pak’s beverage cartons.

Launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the National Environment Agency (NEA) since 2011, Little Green Dot is Tetra Pak’s signature School Recycling Programme for pre-schools.

ITE College East is a partner of the Little Green Dot project! The big ‘kids’ from the ITE College East Environmental Club teach the small kids in the pre-schools how to recycle the UBCs.  They also share with the enthusiastic kids how the recycled UBCs are processed and made into new items.  Since Jan 2015, students from the Environmental Club have been to all the 25 participating kindergartens in the East of Singapore to create this awareness.

The Little Green Dot project has provided good opportunities for the Environmental Club students to interact and educate the kids on environmental issues.  Teaching is learning, the Environmental Club students have greatly benefited from this project too!


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