Green Schools Award write-up

The Green Schools @ South East programme was launched in July 2010 and is part of the South East GreenPlan to encourage schools to carry out projects to protect and sustain the environment.

The Green Schools @ South East Award aims to recognise and honour Primary and Secondary schools, International Schools and Tertiary institutions in the South East District for their contributions and efforts in reaching out to their students and/or the community on environmental issues.

Some of the activities that The Environmental Club from ITE College East have organized:

1. In celebration for the Youth for the Environment Day (YED) 2016, the Environmental Club from ITE College East initiated a Mass Classroom Cleaning on 22 Apr 2016, to create awareness on clean environment and to build social responsibilities in our students.

About 2000 students and staff from 55 classes took the opportunity to clean their classrooms and laboratories             thoroughly while another 70 students went a step further to raise awareness on the need to take care of their                 surroundings. Comprising members from the Student Ambassadors’ Club, Bridge Leaders’ Club, Student                       Councillors Club, and Environmental Club, the group was joined by staff and members of the management                   team in picking litter around the College.

2. ITE College East organized the annual Waste to Craft Creativity competition with National Environment                       Agency and South East Community Development Council which focuses on engaging our youths in                                 understanding the global environmental challenges and how they can encourage environmental sustainability             through creative and innovative use of waste materials to create an interesting piece of craftwork for various                 purposes.

This competition was outreached to the schools and community as it was opened to students from Primary,                  Secondary and ITE. It also included the public for this year’s competition and the winners’ craft were displayed            during the South East Clean & Green Singapore Carnival for public’s view.

On 12 Nov 2016, ITE College East received the Green Schools @ South East 2016 – Sustained Excellence Award from Mayor, Dr Maliki Osman during the South East Clean & Green Singapore Carnival that was held at Bedok Town Square. This is the 2nd Sustained Excellence Award received by ITE College East and we will continue to work towards Sustained Excellence Honorary Award in the next 3 years.


Director, Sch of Engineering, Mr Loh Kum Fei receiving the Green Schools@South East 2016 – Sustained Excellence Award on behalf