Youth for the Environment Day 2016 | ITE College East

In celebration for the Youth for the Environment Day (YED) 2016, the Environmental Club initiated a Mass Classroom Cleaning on 22 Apr 2016, to create awareness on clean environment and to build social responsibilities in our students.

Aligned to Earth Day, an annual international environmental event which falls on 22 April, YED engages the youth to champion environmental ownership and to renew their commitment to care for the environment. YED provides opportunities for the youth to lead, organise and participate in environmental programmes to show their passion and commitment towards global and local environment issues. The YED 2016 theme, “Imagine. Create. Change”, encourages the youth to think about their contributions towards a sustainable environment and to commit to carrying out collective actions to promote cleanliness and waste minimisation.

About 2000 students and staff from 55 classes took the opportunity to clean their classrooms and laboratories thoroughly while another 70 students went a step further to raise awareness on the need to take care of their surroundings. Comprising members from the Student Ambassadors’ Club, Bridge Leaders’ Club, Student Councillors Club, and Environmental Club, the group was joined by staff and members of the management team in picking litter around the College.

Dr Yek also read a message by Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, to students who have gathered at the amphitheatre. Minister urged youths to be good stewards of their environment, in order to leave behind a lasting legacy for the next generation.


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