The 1st run of the eco-Camp held from 15 June – 17 June 2015 was successfully concluded. A total of 74 students from the three ITE Colleges attended this 3 Days 2 Nights camp at the Singapore Zoo.

This Eco Camp, one of the three main activities of the YEEP (Youth Environmental Envoy Programme), intends to bring across key environmental messages to our students and built a good foundation for their involvement in environmental programmes.

The Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS), with its Singapore Zoological Gardens and Night Safari, presents an authentic eco system with real and live wildlife animals as well as interesting, rare and sometimes almost extinct creatures both big and small.

Using nature and the premise with its wildlife exhibits, eco-campers were taken on guided tours, adaptation trails and attended wildlife conservation talks. The eco-campers were taken to the breeding complex of the fragile forest, get to learn and feel an exoskeleton through close encounters with the hissing cockroaches, stick insects, scorpions and other invertebrates. Picked up snippets of interesting facts about nocturnal animals and learned how senses and enhanced night vision play vital roles in the animal lives. Similarly, they challenged their own good senses at spotting resident wildlife as dusk draws and enjoyed the teamwork to walk blindfolded to complete certain tasks.

With knowledge gained from the many exclusive and intimate close encounters with fascinating local and wild animals, behind-the scenes tours, fun-filled adventure and hands-on experience with caring for our ecosystems and animals, potential YEEP leaders, embarked on mini projects to influence behaviour and present creative ideas on promoting environmental consciousness.

In recognition of the good effort displayed by these potential YEEP leaders, prizes were awarded to the deserving Best Male Camper; Best Female Camper and the Best Eco Group.

The 2nd run of 2015 Eco Camp will be held on 14 – 16 Dec 2015.



Group Photos of the Eco Campers from ITE College Central



Group Photos of the Best Eco Team Award from ITE College East



Eco Campers pitching 6-men tents



Enthusiastic Presentation for the mini-project segment



Hamadrayas Baboon Exhibit… Feeding the Baboons

Article contributed by: Ms Kristin Koh, Section Head/Mechanical/ITE College East & Overall IC for YEEP

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