• Mars Rover Curiosity Measures Red Planet Radiation

    Mars Rover Curiosity Measures Red Planet RadiationNASA's Curiosity rover has made its first measurements of the radiation environment at Mars' surface, gathering information that could help prepare future astronauts for stays on the Red Planet.

  • July hottest month on record in US

    A man wipes sweat off his head at a bus stop in New YorkJuly was the hottest month in the contiguous United States since record-keeping began in 1895, government scientists have said, a trend that meteorologists attribute to climate change.

  • Sink or Swim: 6 Ways to Adapt to Climate Change

    Sink or Swim: 6 Ways to Adapt to Climate ChangeWild geoengineering schemes may aim to reverse global warming by reflecting sunlight into space or storing excess carbon dioxide, but they won't spare humanity from living through climate change in the next several decades. That means humans must adapt to life in a world where droughts hit harder, floodwaters rise higher and entire island nations may sink beneath the waves.

  • Could Space Mirrors Stop Global Warming?

    Could Space Mirrors Stop Global Warming?The record-breaking temperatures of the past few years are getting more people thinking about bigger solutions to climate change. Ideas once thought of as wacky are now receiving careful consideration, including an idea that sounds straight out of science fiction: cooling the earth by launching reflective mirrors into space.

  • Climate: US call for ‘flexibility’ on warming spurs row

    The US climate change envoy Todd SternThe United States ran into crossfire on Wednesday after it called for "flexibility" in climate talks yet acknowledged this may not guarantee meeting the UN's target on global warming.