• Drought worsens in U.S. farm states-climatologists

    A drought-damaged corn field is pictured near Emery(Reuters) – The worst U.S. drought in 56 years intensified over the past week as above-normal temperatures and scant rainfall parched corn and soybean crops across the Midwest and central Plains, a report from climate experts said on Thursday. The drought became more severe in the southern United States as well, just a year removed from a record-breaking dry spell that ruined crops and wilted grazing pastures across Texas and Oklahoma enough to force an unprecedented northward migration of cattle. …

  • Nokia links up with Groupon to promote deals on phone maps
    CHICAGO (Reuters) – Nokia is promoting Groupon Inc offers on the maps on its Lumia smartphones as it tries to stand out in a crowded field vying for the attention of U.S. cellphone owners. The partnership with Groupon, announced on Wednesday, shows Groupon Now! offers on Nokia maps with a green “G” icon. U.S. users can buy offers from their phones and get directions to the locations to redeem the offers using Nokia’s navigation system. Nokia is not sharing financial details of the partnership with Groupon. …
  • Solar Power Helped Keep the Lights On in India
    Solar Power Helped Keep the Lights On in India
  • Claims of Flawed Weather Data Don’t Change Global Warming: Scientists

    Claims of Flawed Weather Data Don't Change Global Warming: ScientistsThe stations spread across the continental United States to collect temperature data have become the flashpoint in the latest climate-change skirmish.