• Under-fire UN summit issues environment, poverty blueprint

    An activist takes part in a protest during the last day of the People's Summit in Rio de JaneiroThe biggest UN summit on sustainable development in a decade approved a strategy on Friday to haul more than a billion people out of poverty and cure the sickness of the biosphere.

  • Rising sea levels to hit California hard by 2100
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Seas could rise higher along the California coastline this century than in other places in the world, increasing the risk of flooding and storm damage, dune erosion and wetland destruction, the U.S. National Research Council reported Friday. Rising sea levels have long been seen as a consequence of climate change, because as the world warms, glaciers melt and contribute water to the Earth’s oceans. At the same time, ocean waters tend to expand as they heat, pushing sea levels higher. The report looked at how much seas could rise by 2100 along the U.S. …